About Us

We conduct phone surveys of locally owned businesses in communities across the country. Our survey process is simple. We ask “If you were to recommend an independently owned, local restaurant for (name the category; breakfast, lunch, Italian, Mexican etc…) , that has good food, good service and fair prices, where would you go and why?”. The answers provide us with a wealth of information about which restaurants are most popular and what their key differentiators are. From the surveys, we present the “Best of the Best” awards, every year. You may be wondering, why we do this. We conduct these surveys as part of a program to connect local businesses with an opportunity to increase their exposure. We partner with firms that specialize in small business advertising programs that are proven to be more effective when targeted in local markets. Our affiliates offer community based programs to the award winning restaurants to improve their connection within their local business community. We (and our affiliates) will NEVER ask a restaurant owner for donations, payments or compensation of any kind. We choose an affiliate that will offer programs, at ZERO cost to the restaurant, to help them and the local businesses. Award winning restaurants benefit from the reviews placed online and from our programs designed to improve their “foot traffic”. Again, those programs never cost the restaurant anything.